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Changing Faces of European Cities

The Making of Multiethnic Cardiff

MO 05.12.16, 19:00 – 21:00 Uhr
Hospitalhof Stuttgart, Büchsenstr. 33 70174 Stuttgart

In der Reihe »Von Nachbarn lernen« stellen wir einen Beitrag aus der Partnerstadt Cardiff in Wales vor: The speech – well illustrated – will be held in English.

Cardiff is a seaport city with a long history of immigration and acceptance of difference. From the opening of the first dock in 1839 to the redevelopment of the 1960s, Cardiff docklands attracted immigrants from some 50 nations – from Western, Eastern and Southern Europe; India, China and the Far East; Somalia and the Middle East; West and Southern Africa; South America and the Caribbean; and the USA and Canada. Through photographs and stories, this talk looks at the early development of Cardiff as a cosmopolitan city.

Hier finden Sie den Flyer zur Veranstaltung

KOOPERATION: Europe Direct Informationszentrum Stuttgart; Stadt Stuttgart; Kath. Bildungswerk, Evang. Bildungszentrum Hospitalhof


REFERENT: Professor Dr. Chris Weedon, Cardiff University, teaches Critical Theory, Cultural Studies and Women's Studies. Her books include Feminist Practice and Poststructuralist Theory (1987) and Feminism, Theory and the Politics of Difference (1999). She has also edited Die Frau in der DDR: An Anthology of Women's Writing from the German Democratic Republic (1988), and Postwar Women's Writing in German: Feminist Critical Approaches (1997). Recent books include Identity and Culture: Narratives of Difference and Belonging (2004), and Gender, Feminism and Fiction in Germany 1840-1914 (2007). She was one of the editors of Gendering Border Studies in 2010, and continues to publish academic articles and book sections regularly on critical and cultural theory.

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